Street art of Trastevere

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

A collection of some of the street art I spotted around the walls of the Trastevere, Rome.

One of the decorated doorways in Trastevere.

In October my lovely fiancé surprised me with a trip to my favourite city in the world, Rome. During the 13minutes where I wasn't eating incredible food (mainly pizza), drinking incredible wine or being forced to take 6.5million photos of my lady for her instagram account, I actually managed to grab some other photos.

Colorful Trastevere is a funky, bohemian area that clings to its centuries-old, working-class roots. It's known for traditional and innovative trattorias, street art, craft beer pubs and artisan shops, as well as simple B&Bs and budget hotels.

Doors of Trastevere.

Sticker bombs.


Paint pieces

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